Measuring Progress

At what rate should my child make progress?

All children should make progress. However, children do not all progress at the same rate. The key question to ask is whether your child is making adequate progress.

What is adequate progress?

This will be different for each child and will depend on a variety of factors. These may include:

• Your child's starting point and age;

• The gap between your child's attainment and that of other children the same age;

• Your child's previous rate of progress;

• How well your child can access the curriculum;

• Whether your child has shown an improvement in the areas of behaviour, independence, social or personal skills;

• Your child's previous targets.

How do I know what the average attainment is for a child of similar age to mine?

At the end of each Key Stage, there is an expected level of the National Curriculum which a child of average ability should achieve in the core subjects (Literacy, Numeracy and Science).

Of course, many children achieve above and below this level, but most reach within the expected range. Only a few children attain outside this broad range.

Who should tell me how much progress my child is making?

The school will let you know regularly what progress your child is making at Parent Consultation sessions. Should you at anytime wish to discuss your child's progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.