Our Intent for English and literacy at Kingsfleet

To develop literacy skills in all children, which enable full access to the wider curriculum allowing them to engage purposefully with the wider world and prepare children for lifelong learning.

To build confident listening and speaking skills so that all children can communicate and appreciate the thoughts, opinions and feelings of others

To promote children’s interest and enjoyment of written language so that all children are empowered to express their own self-expression and creativity.

To embed the skills of decoding and increase reading fluency so that all children can engage positively with a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry

To observe, explain and question authors’ writing conventions so that all children can appreciate and utalise the key features of the English language to both formally and fluently write, creatively and efficiently




Our aim at Kingsfleet is to give all children a solid foundation in phonics on which to start their reading journey. This will start in EYFS and will continue throughout KS1 and beyond. Children will be confident in their recognition of phonemes and graphemes and will be able to apply these consistently in their reading and writing.


At Kingsfleet we have built a SSP designed to teach all the GPC’s (Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence) and to support children in applying their learning. Children will have daily Phonics lessons from Reception where they will be taught the GPC systematically and with pace and rigour. Our scheme focuses on a new GPC taught each day, with a review at the end of each week. Lessons will include the use of flashcards to revise previously taught GPC’s and will teach children to not only recognize the graphemes, but will be able to identify these within words. Children will learn how to spell words by the use of sound buttons and will progress to reading and writing phonetically decodable sentences. The teaching of tricky words will also be included in the daily lessons

In addition to this, throughout EYFS and Y1, phonics activities will be continued in provision, this will enable children to practice and consolidate GPC’s that have been taught. Home/School reading books run in a progressive sequence alongside the phonics lessons so that children can consolidate the GPC’s that have been taught.


Children at Kingsfleet start learning Phonics from the first few week of Reception, this gives them the building blocks required for reading simple words and will enable them to start reading and spelling simple words quickly. Children continue to build on this throughout Reception and Year 1. In June 2022, 93% of pupils in Y1 met the requirements of the Phonics Screening Check.